About Us

Deaf Connections is the leading voluntary organisation delivering specialist services to adult deaf people across Scotland. We are committed to enabling deaf people to participate fully in the community to make equality and fairness a normal feature of their everyday lives. We want to empower deaf people to make decisions about things which affect them most.

Exclusion from a wide range of mainstream services and opportunities continues to drive the development of our new services. We work collaboratively with agencies to promote the interests of people in the Deaf community focusing on quality of life, independence and social inclusion.

We listen to deaf people, respect their views and are committed to eliminating the communication barriers they face. We believe that deaf people have the right to belong to a distinctive cultural community expressed by a positive feeling of shared values and experience.

Deaf Connections is positive about employing deaf staff wherever possible. We believe that people in the Deaf community welcome a service delivered by dedicated staff who have first hand experience of what it means to be deaf and the importance of developing professional relationships in a hearing world.